Observations on life (or – tea time)

Whenever I visit someone on my Mom’s side of the family, I quickly get sucked into a certain rhythm of drinking beverages: herbal tea (or green tea) at breakfast, at about 11 am it’s time for coffee, at about 4 pm it’s tea time (black tea), and after dinner/before bed it’s time for some herbal tea again. I grew up with this rhythm, which I savored in the weekends away from school. Before the kids started drinking coffee, we got chocolate milk instead.

For a couple of years I’ve found this habit a bit weird, like all kids that oppose the family customs. Now I’m starting to realize how nice a rhythm like that is – knowing that there are at least 3 breaks a day! Growing up on a farm, the breaks were a haven from growing tired of physical labour, and family quality time. You came inside (or, to the garden) for coffee before noon, and you were on the spot again at 4 pm to get your tea. Coffee, lunch and tea were the breaks defined within the work day, which lay between breakfast and dinner. If my Dad was out working in the fields, we went out to bring him that coffee or tea in a thermos, and enjoyed some time of rest with him.

Funny thing? Whenever I’m at home (weekends, or working from home), I’m doing the same thing. Drinking coffee at that certain time during the day is supposed to be like that. That I’m hardly without a cup of tea by my side is another thing, that kind of eliminates the need for a defined tea time… Though tea after dinner/before bed is a must as well.