Oh brother, there art thou!

I have this old, old sewing machine. It’s a Bernina from 1973 or so – about 10 years older than I am. And it worked – I mean, it could sew quicker than I could by hand, though only straight ahead, nothing fancy.

Then it began falling apart, and recently it didn’t really want to sew anything neatly any more. So I borrowed Julies and Lisbeths sewing machines, and started dreaming about my own..
I wished for money for a sewing machine for my birthday. I went looking at sewing machines in the various shops in Copenhagen, to find out which machine would be perfect for me.

And then, Lisbeth and I took a quick trip to this tiny shop on Nørrebrogade, where we had never been before. The guy there was very easygoing, calm and very good at giving us advice, without trying to sell. We had been in a shop before, where there was a real seller-dude – which is not at all what you want when you think you need some real advice!

I think we were in there for an hour to start with, having him show us every machine that could possibly be the best for me. Lisbeth was yet again looking at the overlocker she wanted so badly, and we ended up going to get a cup of coffee to “talk it through” and “making the right decision”. Actually, as soon as we stepped outside the shop, we were convinced we just HAD to have the machines we had set our eyes on.

So, I ended up buying my very own sewing machine:

It is a Brother DS-140, sturdy enough to make me confident that it lasts and can work, yet with enough features to make me go squeeee! :o)

It has a lot of fun stitches:

As in theory I only need it to do very basic stitching and some zig zag, this makes the machine luxurious.

I think most people can guess exactly what I started on as soon as I got home!