Recipes / Opskrifter

Here is a list of the pages and blog posts that include recipes. As this blog started in Danish, some of them are in Danish – which I will then note.

Sometimes I will link to recipes somewhere else as well :)

If you very much do want to make one of the recipes in Danish, but you’re not so good at the language.. I will be happy to help you out!


Bircher müesli Bircher müesli (English)
Guldkarameller Guldkarameller (Danish)
Mangois Mangois (Danish)
Mint lemonade Mint lemonade (English)
Rösti Rösti (English)
Samosaer med frugtfyld Samosaer med oksekød og med frugtfyld (Danish)
Vegetarisk Biksemad Vege-biksemad (Danish)