Paperdolls of yarn

A long while ago I cast on for a paperdolls sweater. But I didn’t like the combo of Wollmeise with Arwetta, so I frogged it – but I still wanted to make that sweater.

Now I have been pondering for a while. I wanted to do it in Wollmeise, but which colors should I choose? I have 22 different colors of Wollmeise yarn. Sounds like a lot – but still it didn’t seem like I could find the right color combo! Perhaps that was also due to me wanting to use the reddest red you can find for the base..

I ended up asking everyone who visited what their opinion was, and finally my mom and brother argumented best for the colors I have chosen. So here it is, Vamp (a Ferrari red) for the base, and Neptun (a petrol blue/dark turqoise) as a contrast color:

I have not yet decided whether I want to stay with those two colors, or perhaps include one more.

I can’t help but love those stripes for the ribbing.

Too bad an entire sweater in stripes like these would be too much..