Pierre Marcolini and Wittamer

Julie and I came home from a trip to Brussels Saturday. 3 days of chocolate, I dare say! The first day we had nothing but chocolate, cake and frieten, a diet which can’t be recommended, as we grew pretty dull during the day..

Anyway, we visited lots and lots of chocolate shops. The guide book said that the best chocolatier was Pierre Marcolini, which of course we had to visit!
So we bought a box of mixed chocolates and one with mixed macarons. The chocolates made it back home to Denmark – the macarons didn’t last more than a day in the hotel room!

I think I got about 3 kgs of chocolate in my suitcase on my way home.

The more luxurious ones I didn’t taste before I was well at home and in a mood to try them out. They are exquisite, at the least! Pierre Marcolini’s chocolates are small, but small explosions of taste. Good chocolate, good descriptions in the booklet, real delight.

I also bought some chocolate at Wittamer, where we went for cake (it is supposed to be the best patissier in Brussels). Their chocolatier was located just beside the patisserie, so I couldn’t stand the temptation to buy some. I bought some fruit flavoured chocolates, I haven’t tasted them yet, but I’m sure they will be good!