Pinterest and creativity

A couple of months ago I very shortly wrote that I was now on Pinterest. Ooooh, Pinterest – another place of creativity and inspiration! Luckily I have just about gotten used to Ravelry, without being tempted too much by inspiration in there. So now there is “time” and room inside my head for Pinterest-fuelled creativity!

I have been pinning sooooo much. One of my favorites is food – and of that, I’d say about 95% consists of sweets! Cup cakes and biscuits, mostly because of purty decorations. My next most used category is called “Craftiness” – here I put anything that inspires me and that I think I can make myself!

And now we are getting to the point with this post.

I found this pin, which didn’t catch my attention the same way most crea-pins do, as the picture isn’t completely daunting in  my opinion. BUT – it’s a tutorial for making a reversible bag! Which, being a knitter and all, makes a perfect project bag!

So I’ve started cutting fabric. I actually also started sewing, but my sewing machine makes “#¤%¤$}@ out of it, so I am off to borrow Julie’s instead.

More to come on that tutorial, and what I make of it! :o)