Retro dress

Last week, Lisbeth and I came past a fabric store. Being pretty interested in sewing at the moment, of course we couldn’t help it, we had to go in and get some inspiration..

And then my eye fell upon a pattern of a dress I just MUST have. Turns out it was a pattern that needed to be ordered, but then I would receive it by mail. It arrived already on the next business day, pretty fast!

What do you think, isn’t it lovely?

Opening the package, it turns out that the pattern itself actually IS retro – on fine fine paper!

I am very much looking forward to making this. All I need now is the fabric, all the extra notions, and of course a sewing machine.. I hope I can borrow Lisbeth’s, whenever it works again (it just broke for the 2nd time in a row :o( ). The pattern looks fairly easy, just 4 pieces sewn together, and buttons added so that it can be wrapped around the body and closed in front. The skirt is a half circle.

I want to start this NOW!