Reversible bags

Being such a source of inspiration, Pinterest brought me a pattern for a reversible bag. Being a knitter, you can never have enough project bags – and being me, I was very impatient to try this out!

So I started cutting the fabric:

And started sewing. My sewing machine screwed everything up (of course), so I was so glad that Julie proposed I use her sewing machine. With a bag full of readily cut fabric I went to Amager, to sew for a couple of hours.

Which turned into a whole day!

Time flies when you’re having fun. And sewing makes time fly even faster, I don’t know why! In good company, it was a real joy to be crafty, and we ended up sewing for 6 straight hours in a row!

The hardest part of it all was to turn the bags right side out. Everything is sewn wrong side out, so in the end you have to turn it right side out through one of the straps, as that is the only place where there is a hole left. If the pattern didn’t say that I would probably think it impossible, I wouldn’t have kept trying!

The final result, tadaaaa:

Aren’t they pretty? The comicbook-one is my fave.

This pattern is amazing – there is a print out of the pattern itself, which you can stick together and cut after, and a step-by-step tutorial of the whole. And it is so dead easy, as long as you follow the steps.. Thank you, VeryPurplePerson, for making this available!

I am thinking about making a bigger version.. I guess I could just print the pattern on larger paper :o)