Shades of grey

You know that feeling of finishing a book, and regretting so much that there isn’t more of it? I think I’ve mentioned it before. Reading a book within a short time frame leaves a vacuum – especially if the world described in the book is much different from our own.

Well, I just finished “Shades of grey” by Jasper Fforde. An amazing story, set in a far future. Where people are divided in a hierarchy dependent on which colors they are able to see, and are living by a fixed set of Rules, which must be followed at all times. Lots of subtle fun, sarchasm and the obligatory love story, seen from a rather objective point of view.

I wasn’t bored one instant! Knowing that there will be 2 follow-ups, I will be waiting impatiently for those to be released. Soon, I hope, please, Mr. Fforde!

The bonus of this book was that I bought the flipback version. Which means that I could read it while knitting, and could bring it everywhere, as it is smaller than a postcard!

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