Signature Needles

In all activities that exist where you need tools of sorts, there will always be the low priced an highly priced stuff. So, being a knitter, I have for a long while been wishing for the Rolls Royce / Ferrari / Lamborghini of knitting needles: Signature Needles.

I was kind of searching for an excuse to get them, but realizing that I was just pushing the purchase in front of me (they really are expensive!), I ended up splurging and buying them on a whim. As there aren’t any retailers of these needles in Denmark, I didn’t really have the chance to go look at them before I bought them, so I just closed my eyes and ordered them in the US. To be delivered at an address in the US, so a friend of mine could bring them home for me, and the ridiculously high shipping prices could be avoided.

And now I was at it, I ordered two interchangeable sets – the US 6 / 4 mm and the US 3 / 3,25 mm, trying to catch my most used needle sizes (who am I kidding – the second most used is 3,5 mm. But they are purple, and I hate purple!).

I also was so bold to splurge and get the extra thing: Engraving for $15. I mean, now I was buying needles for $22 (stalks only) + $20 (for the cable), why not get them engraved so people can see they’re mine, mine, mine? I know it’s silly (and many might say a waste of money), but given the opportunity, I just couldn’t resist.

Signature needles

They come in a little folder of stiff paper, looking very very luxurious. Oh my, so yummy….
There’s also a lifetime warranty on them, which is just plain awesome.

And of course, I had to try them straight away, so I yanked out the needles from a shawl I’m working on (not that dramatically, though) and started knitting with my new Sigs.

Signature needles

Which, incidentally, match the project’s color quite well ;)

Signature needles

So here comes my review (so far):

I love the swivel feature at the joint of the cable and stalk. It’s awesome. A while ago I discovered that I have a tendency to twist the needles in my hands while knitting – probably because I’m subconsciously trying to tighten the joint all the time (on my convertible KnitPro needles, the joint comes undone quite quickly. Especially because I might be too lazy to find the cable connector thingy to tighten them every time I switch needles/cable…).

The cable is soft and pliable, and has a minimum of memory, compared to my KP’s! That’s great, it makes them nicer to work with.

I’m not entirely satisfied with the joint on the 4 mm needles though – I find that the mohair yarn I’m currently knitting with catches a bit at the part where the cable swivels. I didn’t experience it with the 3,25 mm needles (for the short knit I did with those!), so I’m not sure if it’s the needles or the yarn. In any case, I didn’t have the same issue with the KP Karbonz I used to start this shawl with…

I think I need to knit some more to make sure what my opinion really is! :D
So far, I love them just because of the color and because they got my name on them. Literally.