Spicy Vanilla Forest?

At the beginning of November, I cast on for some plain vanilla socks in my Colinette Jitterbug yarn in the Forest colorway. I wanted them to be plain and vanilla-ish, as I wanted them to be my pocket project for on the go.

But vanilla is just tooooo boring for me! I managed to work the foot (toe-up), do a boomerang heel, and then I just couldn’t face the idea of having to work plain stockinette to the end of the cuff. I need more spicyness!

So what do I do? Of course I begin to test out one of those techniques I have wanted to try for a while!
This time, my focus was on lateral braids. They have been introduced by Nancy Bush in a sock pattern, as far as I know – and I am just fascinated by the idea of knitting on the bias (på tværs!) of the project!

I started with some travelling stitches, which I have loved for a while. They are essentially mini cables, as I have mentioned before I think; and so easy and good-looking. And then – ooooh – came the lateral braid! Result:

Now I just need to think of how to incorporate even more lateral braids in this one, as I am completely hooked.