I have just watched Battlestar Galactica – and I loved that show! My favorite character (probably not a surprise for those who know me well) is Starbuck, because she’s cool but also through and through a girl.

Also, I bought some yarn a while ago, when I was in Dublin: Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK, in a lovely black/silver combo – really black yarn covered with silver colored nylon, I suppose. I really wanted to use this, and not having enough for a whole sweater, I would have to do something stripey or such.

So – Starbuck was born! I knitted this sweater while watching the show, so hence the name.

I designed this as I went. And it turned out perfect – just the way I wanted it!

Afterwards I was thinking I wanted to write it up as a pattern, with a couple more sizes than just mine (medium or about 37″). So I got to deciphering my own knitting, trying to get the numbers right!

Right now it’s being test knitted by some very lovely ladies, I can’t wait to see their versions!

Project page on Rav: * Starbuck *