I, and a lot of my fellow knitting crafters know that we are pretty spoiled, having Ravelry. I have seen (and participated in) Twitter discussions about it, talked about it and I have seen forum posts about it on Rav itself. There was even an article about how cool Rav is, and why it is so much better (for us) than other social networks!

Now I have started sewing, and I have gathered a tiny stash of yummie fabrics, I am wishing for the same kind of place for sewing. A place where you can stash your fabrics and patterns, and criss cross it all so you can see other people’s projects and what they have made using a specific pattern. A place where you can list a queue of the projects you want to make, and which fabrics you want to use. And what the status is. And all the stuff that Ravelry offers, which can’t be found anywhere else! This question was raised in those Twitter discussions, live discussions and forum posts on Rav as well.

I know, has some kind of forum and the possibility to add your own (finished) projects, but it doesn’t get even near to the functionality found on Ravelry! And I must admit that I don’t really feel like using the account I have there in the same extent as I am browsing Rav..

I’m feeling unfortunate that I’m not a genius like Casey, and also don’t really have the time to build a site for other crafts. Pleeeeaaaase, someone out there, could you help us?