I have participated in 2 swaps this month – not knowing that they would arrive on the same day! There was a note in my mailbox yesterday saying I could pick up a package today, not stating a sender. So, I waited at home today until the mailman had been here, in case he would come with the second package today.. But he didn’t. Nice surprise to have both packages handed over to me at the post office!

So, here they come:

Rainbow swap (Nordic swap group)
I was swapping with Gunnhild from Oslo (Norway) in the Rainbow swap. She sent me this:

A lovely package containing 2 skeins of blue Røros Lamullgarn, a green skein of ditto, a skein of Sandnes Smart superwash in rainbow colors – all yarn 100% wool. 2 little purple chocolate hearts, a bag of organic coconut chocolate, an eraser in the shape of a moose’s head and cute little butterflies and flowers of felted fiber.

I love it! The little chocolate hearts are of dark chocolate with a yummie ganache inside, and the coconut chocolate is amazing. I’ve already eaten a great deal of it, while admiring the yarn (and thinking about what to make of it!). Thanks so much, Gunnhild!

Tea & yarn swap (European Swap group)
I swapped Tea & Yarn with Isabelle in Hove, East Sussex (UK). When I unwrapped the parcel, a nice box appeared:

Inside that, a sweet card with sheep on it, and a lot of little parcels!

Unwrapping all those little packages was amazing. And the contents:

A skein of Posh Yarn in 50% wool/50% silk, in a pea color! Very yummie yarn.
A little pincushion with Union Jack on it – is one allowed to stick pins in a flag? ;o)
A tape measure with inches AND centimeters on it – so handy!
A package of green tea with ginseng, of my fave English brand, actually. And, a plaque of organic dark milk chocolate with butterscotch – wow, this is GOOD! Thank you so much, Isabelle!

Both you ladies have done a great job finding exactly what I like. I don’t mind stalkers like that! ;o)
Oh, swapping is soooo much fun…!

Now, what to use all that lovely yarn for? Thinking..