I wanted to knit the Blackrose Socks with my newly purchased HandMaiden Casbah Sock yarn. But, as I have developed this love for toe-up knitted socks (it’s so much easier: you can try them on as you go, and you can just keep knitting the leg until you have used up all the yarn, instead of having this little annoying left over ball), I would love to modify the pattern so that I can knit these toe-up as well.

Looks like it is possible, for the basic sock pattern is very simple. But oh, the lace part!

So I needed to go swatching:

1. knitted the right way 2. knitted the wrong way
3. knitted the wrong way, upside down; thise should look like picture #1..

What ya think?

Looks odd, right?

I think I’ll just have to knit the socks according to the pattern – or just knit the lace pattern to it points in the opposite direction..