SweaterSpin 2011

Now that I’m challenging myself (see my IntSweMoDo 2011 post from last week), I can just as well pull the challenge a bit up!

Or, I could say: I want to give myself a reason to do some more spinning. Spinning is fun, but just as with knitting, I need a goal! What keeps my spirit up while knitting is the FO, I always want to be done with my project as soon as possible. And I love to see the progress. The IntSweMoDo challenge is based on FO-focus; it is about finishing those 12 sweaters during the year, no matter whether you cast a project on years ago.

So, my swap partner in the MYB swap from this fall, Karen, had invited me to join the SweaterSpin 2011 group on Ravelry. She is a spinner (though far more experienced than me!), and she uses her handspun to make real wearable items, a point I haven’t reached yet :o)

I thought a bit about it, then joined the group. And told myself I have to take up this challenge as well. I mean – a sweater from handspun yarn is also a part of IntSweMoDo, so that would actually just be adding the spinning challenge!

I know, I’m crazy. But I do really believe I can do it, and the fiber I got from Karen in the MYB swap (BFL & Tussah silk) could very well act as a good accent in a sweater.

I’ve already taken a head start, and so far have made 20 meters of 3-ply (chain/navajo plyed) beautiful yarn:

It’s about 5 grams; so, if I continue in this pace, I can get about 400m out of my 100g fiber. Could nicely be combined with some other beautiful fingering weight yarn!

Now excuse me while I go and spin a bit more! ;o)