TDF Day 1-2

“Oh hey – it’s TDF time! I want to do a progress post every day!”

Eeehm.. Not gonna happen. TDF (Tour de France – Tour de Fleece in Ravelry land!) takes a lot of time. I mean – it’s about spinning, and that doesn’t happen by itself! I’ll do some random posts, though :)

Tour de Fleece is a Ravelry event where – as they say – “when they spin, we spin”. So all of the days where the riders are at it, we’re spinning (yarn) on our wheels at home. Some people watch the tour as well, but not having a TV makes that kind of complicated for me – and anyway, I don’t really care!

You set your own challenges. One of mine is to ply one or more different braids of fiber together. I started out with two – but then couldn’t decide between two NBK braids, so I am doing all 3 of them!

Top: Hilltopcloud 70/15/15 BFL/Alpaca/Seacell
Bottom: Northboundknitting Mixed BFL in colorway Stonehenge
Right: Northboundknitting Alpaca in colorway Stonehenge

Day 1 (Saturday, June 30) I didn’t do much. I split a braid of NBK Alpaca in the color Stonehenge in 4 strips, and started spinning it – but I had to give up again very soon, as I was simply too tired after helping my Julie move all day. I don’t have any progress pic from Day 1 which I think is worth showing you – but from Day 2 (Sunday, July 1) I can show you this:

FLTR: NBK BFL, Hilltopcloud (blurry in the middle – but the color is pretty even, so I chose that one to be blurry here), NBK Alpaca. I can’t wait to ply these 3 together!

Current notes on the spinning:

  • NBK Alpaca is slippery as h*ll. Slippery, and very quickly stringy when getting too much twist. Also, not at all suitable for longdraw techniques, as it’s almost impossible to try and get rid of larger bumps of fiber as soon as they’ve gotten some twist!
  • Hilltopcloud is also slippery – it’s a combed top which hasn’t been dyed, so the fibers are still loosely gathered. I guess the alpaca makes it a bit slippery as well.
  • NBK BFL is a dream to spin! Completely effortless after those other two :)

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