TDF Day 3-4

TDF progresses.. And people are spinning like their lives depended on it!

One could feel a little bit stressed at times. There are a couple of people who have some spare time, and therefore spin a lot – when they are showing off their bobbins and finished skeins of yarn, I feel like a nobody!

Luckily, our amazing team captain in the Northboundknitting TDF group reminded me that I’m not worth any less just because I’m spinning less than the others. And luckily, I also could make myself believe it!

A couple of progress pics must be in order:

Day 3, I mostly spun alpaca (the far right) and the Hilltopcloud mix (BFL/Alpaca/Seacell – the far left). I ended up having appr equal amounts on all bobbins.t

Day 4, I kept to the alpaca only – I am not great friends with the alpaca, so it became a personal challenge to get it finished! I ended up spinning still late in the evening, because I just wanted to be done with it.. And of course the alpaca started playing up when I was uttermost tired. But I didn’t give in!

It’s pretty to look at, and I like the subdued light browns of Stonehenge on the alpaca. So unlike the BFL variant in the same colorway!

Day 5 will not bring more spinning on this project, as I won’t have access to the wheel. Spindle spinning it is – with a new braid. More to come on that!