TDF Finish line

And then the TDF blogging kind of stopped, didn’t it?
So did the enthusiasm around TDF, for me in any case. There was too much else to do, so I didn’t feel there was any progress, and I can’t really have that. A trip to Dublin, bringing only my spindle, didn’t help either – I spun only once!

On the other hand, I did conquer my challenge for the TDF Challenge day Tuesday the 18th – n-ply on the fly! Which is spinning and navajo plying the singles straight away, so the yarn on the cop is actually real, finished yarn.

It was much easier than I thought. If you know how to spin on a spindle, and you know how to n-ply, the only thing you need to do is master the fiddliness when changing between spinning and plying. And well, yeah, it does slow down your spinning, or at least it seems so… I guess it could be compared to knitting socks two-at-a-time (2AAT)?

In any case, I finished 3 yarns during TDF, more or less. I spun the Hilltopcloud BFL/Alpaca/Seacell+NBK Alpaca+NBK BFL blend, a loop bullseye bump, and a braid of NBK Cheviot which was (partly) spindled – first singles, then n-ply on the fly, and in the end I got impatient and spun the remaining (appr 75g of fiber) on my wheel. I left it as singles, thinking that I want to weave with it (yeah, let’s see how that goes!).

Go follow the links – inserting all the pics here would make it too crowded! :)

Oh, and a link to my TDF project page as well!