Tea party birthday

Yesterday, I was having a tea party with my girls, celebrating Julie’s birthday.

We had one big cake, 26 cup cakes made by non-birthday Julie, cucumber and egg salad sandwiches, pumpkin burgers and tomato salsa, crisps and nuts and chocolates – and, of course, lots of tea!
I pulled out the amazing tea set Oma gave me a couple of years ago – it was the first time I was using it. The one cup that I glued together a couple of months ago was leaking a little bit, but just a little, so I managed.

We had so much fun, from 15-22.30, when Julie and Randi were the last to leave. We had planned for Randi’s good port and two bottles of sweet white wine, but only drank the one and half of the port, apart from Julie’s bottle of Asti. So, no real drunkenness – just plain fun, and an over filled stomach!

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