The absolutely easiest provisional cast on

I have been obsessed by provisional cast ons for some time now – I find them fantastisk, they are kind of magical!

I recently learned about a method using a crochet hook. It resembles the “normal” crochet provisional cast on, but this is so much easier – and you avoid the problem of accidentally picking up in NOT the back loops on the crochet chain! I have always had a problem seeing which loops are supposed to be the “bumps” on the back of the chain – but with this method, you don’t have to worry about that at all :o)

So, here it comes:

You need: waste yarn, the knitting needles you are to use, a crochet hook of about the same size, and of course your working yarn.

Using waste yarn, make a slip knot and slide it on your crochet hook (I have cheated a bit here and already cast on some stitches, but in principle it is the same). Cross the crochet hook and your knitting needle, holding the “working” waste yarn on the back side of the knitting needle.

Now, wrap your hook around the “working” waste yarn, and pull it through the stitch on the hook.

Like this! Place your “working” waste yarn behind the knitting needle again like on the first picture, and repeat the steps until you have enough stitches on the knitting needle. Cut a fairly long tail of waste yarn and pull it through the remaining stitch on the crochet hook.

Now, grab the other knitting needle and knit right off the left needle!

When you need to remove the waste yarn, untie the knot (pulled-through tail) at the right end (the end where you started knitting) and pull carefully, sliding the new live stitches onto a needle as you go. I will update this post with a picture when I get to that point in my current project :o)

Happy knitting!