The final wedding cake

Here it is!

Pictures first:
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Cake facts:

  • 4 tiers: 20, 25, 30, and 35cm Ø. And a mini cake of about 10cm Ø, to present to the newly wedded couple
  • 3 layers of cake; top and bottom a light egg-based cake layer, the middle layer a light chocolate cake
  • All bottom layers were sprinkled with a bit of port
  • 2 layers of mousse: the bottom layer a white chocolate mousse, the top layer a raspberry mousse
  • A layer of chocolate buttercream icing to finish the cakes
  • A layer of white fondant as a base for the decorations
  • Decorations in Alice in Wonderland style: red and white roses, green leaves, white sparkling rabbits, red hearts and silver beads – and a border of red colored royal icing
  • Ingredients used (just some of the numbers): 48 eggs (used mostly for the egg based cake layers), 3.5 litres of cream for the mousse, 1kg of butter for the buttercream icing, 600 grams of white chocolate, 600 grams of dark chocolate, 5kg fondant, 3kg confectioner’s sugar, 1 litre of orange juice for the chocolate cake layers, a whole lot of homemade fondant roses (which we actually forgot to count!)