The Liberty of Pants / Trousers

At the beginning of January, I went on a sunshine vacation; 3 of my sweet girlfriends and I went to Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. Tenerife was just as it should be: the wind was warm, it was about 24 degrees Celcius during the day, and the sun was shining most of the time. People were wandering around wearing comfortable clothes, and we suddenly spoke of nice, baggy-ish pants of light fabric, with lots of room.

So, I got home – and googled! It must be possible to make them yourself, right? I was googling “harem pants” and “turkish pants”, but nothing like the ones I was looking for appeared. Lots of harem pants out there though – and they seem very easy to make! I just don’t like the crotch between the knees, so those “classic” ones didn’t attract me.

I ended up finding this page, where the result looked more like what I wanted – there even was a diagram the author had picked from another site, and it looked SO easy!

Deciding to use some of the more interesting fabrics I have, I pulled out one of the 3m pieces of Liberty I bought in London last summer. After a lot of thinking and talking to fabric-knowing people (my mom, for one!), I decided on cutting the pieces in the width of the fabric, instead of the length, like all patterns usually say. I would be using less fabric, and hopefully it wouldn’t make a difference!

My result:

Perfect baggy pants!

I added a casing at the waist and a 3 cm wide / 135 cm long tie, and casings at the bottom of the leg, complete with drawstrings (about 1 cm in width), sewn from the same fabric. I’m telling you: perfect!

Top casing

Bottom casing

I made buttonholes to pull the drawstrings through, and stitched at the top as well as the bottom of the casing, 1/4″ or so from the edge.

The light light fabric makes for a perfect drape.

(side note: the green of the fabric is much greener – more of a dark lime. But the red/green issue with cameras is always bothering me, and this time I didn’t have the patience to try out other settings :o) )