The puuuurrrrfect sweater

I think every knitter must know the feeling of working on something, thinking: “This is going to be my new favorite sweater. Really, it is.”

That’s the feeling I’ve had for a while, knitting with a yarn that I thought was cursed, as I had been casting on for 2 different cardigans a total of 3 times, and each time knitting about half of the body before realizing that it was too large. Despite my carefully knitted swatch.

I gave it one more go, casting on Mandel by fallmasche. Not a cardigan, but a sweater – if the yarn obviously didn’t want to be a cardigan, then at least please try this!

And, at last, it worked. So far, that is. I’m not in the mood to be taking chances with this yarn (I’m still convinced it has it’s own opinions). When I bound off, I was a bit in doubt about the length of the body – which was too short, and I admitted that to myself almost at once. Your new favorite shouldn’t have such a catch. So, I unraveled the garter edging again, and now I’m working on lenthening with 5 cm.

I want to be done SOON!