Try something new

I am in a mood where I want to try something new. And I’ve already gathered a list of stuff I could do:

  • Writing that darn thesis! No, I haven’t got that far on it yet.
  • Crochet. I’d like to crochet a granny square blanket (or rather granny hexagons, like on Slagt en hellig ko), and I have had my eyes on a crocheted top for a while – one with flowers draped all over the front piece.
  • Designing. I am actually working on that one already – I have a sweater design coming up. If it turns out like I want it to, that is..
  • Cleaning out all unnecessary garbage, and being more critical about it. That is: I have an awful lot of stuff lying about which I actually neither need nor use, and it just takes up space. And is very very annoying when moving.
  • Redesigning my home page! Ha, that one has been on my list for a long time. I’ve actually also made a design. Now I just need to implement it, and that takes some time, so it is a project I have been pushing ahead of me..
  • Being outside more – especially in Denmark. I am really really bad at being outdoors, even though it is really nice weather. I am considering categorizing being inside with wide open windows as being outside as well, but I haven’t really decided on that one yet..
  • Doing my own yoga EVERY day. Yep – I should’ve been doing this already, but it always seems as though something gets in the way each time..
  • Cooking for myself! Instead of just snacking my way through the day when I’m home alone, I should prepare some real meals for myself. Without thinking that it is too much work. I aught to just find some easy and quick recipes instead.

Oh my, I’m realizing this is more of a list of “things I should do” than a “try something new” list.. But in the end there are some things which are more important than others, and I’ll start with focusing on those.