Vanilla forest

In the beginning of November, when I was still inspired by the autumn colors, I cast on a sock project. I had been wanting to knit some socks out of the Colinette Jitterbug in the colorway Forest for a loooong time, but I just couldn’t decide on which pattern to use. Finally I just cast on some plain vanilla socks, really, I needed socks, and it was just stupid to keep thinking about it!

Now I finally finished them – it only took me about 4 months :o) The reason for that is that I had these socks as a pocket project, dragging them along whenever I was going somewhere. A pair of socks fit perfectly in the smallest hand bag (at least the smallest of one of my hand bags!), and you can put them away at any moment. It’s just that the past month or so I have left them at home, as I was starting on the ribbing, and I couldn’t stand the thought of risking to run out of knitting in the middle of nowhere! I know, stupid thing. So, being ill and not really able to concentrate on anything, I have worked a little bit on these socks the past days. And now they’re done!

I just need to say that whenever I start a plain, easy project, I need some challenge. Which in this case meant that I found this the perfect opportunity to try out a new technique I have been wanting to try for a while: lateral braids!

Combined with travelling stitches, I managed to make a pattern on the leg that was alright, I think. It’s not like it’s a new invention, and it does give the impression of “just an experiment”, but I am more or less content. I blogged about it some time ago.