Vinyasa yoga

I am frequently attending the vinyasa yoga classes of my lovely teacher Louise, who teaches every Saturday. She is often pretty tough, so it easily becomes kind of a workout, which is perfect at times but which can also be very harsh on a Saturday, before noon.. ;o)   But her classes are always a laugh, so it doesn’t matter if it is a bit tough!

Anyway, for my birthday I wished for some specific books about yoga, and my mom gave me “The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga“. Having done yoga for about a year, I have found many books to be descriptions of poses and not much else, and as I was learning the poses at the classes I have attended, I didn’t really need a book with one, two or three more or less stiff pictures and no good explanation of how to get into (and out of) the pose, or what it does to you. This vinyasa book offers very elaborate descriptions of asanas, vinyasas and the thought behind it all, and that pleases me. It is really a book to read from start to end, as the names of asanas are only explained when they are first mentioned – which of course also means that you need to learn the content of the book to be able to use it properly.. There is a glossary though, and an index of asanas and vinyasas, but this last one is listed by the sanskrit names, so no matter what, you’ll need to learn them! I like that thought, and I am very much trying to remember the sanskrit names of the poses whenever I come across them in class.