Vitamins suit you

Here we go again! No excuses about not blogging for a long time this time – really, I was just too busy to blog, so I’m accepting that.

A lot of bloggable stuff has happened though, so I have lots to share! First, I finished my Vitamin D cardigan, which was a knit I cast on even though I wasn’t really supposed to. It was pretty addictive, with the yarn over increases and short rows – I kept thinking I would “just do another row” before I had to work on something less interesting. That’s why it took me almost 2 months to get it done – I could’ve done it in a week or two, but I just didn’t allow myself to do that!

Anyway, it has been done for several weeks now, and I finally got some pictures taken. My dear Julie took photos of me while we were in Bruxelles on a short holiday:

It is the perfect summer cardigan. It doesn’t have buttons, but instead drapes along the front, as the front pieces are shaped as large triangles using short rows. It can easily be wrapped around the body when you’re cold, but also provides possibility to have it loose when warm. My chosen yarn is Geilsk Bomuld/uld, a 50/50 cotton/wool blend. It is very light, but gives a nice drape, is soft and comfortable to the skin. I love this cardi big time!

Oh, and you got to see this pic:

Some people will be able to guess where this was taken – no matter what, the longer story will follow!

As my yarn is berry-colored, I chose to call my project Vitamin C. See my Ravelry project page here.