Wedding cake second try

In the process of wedding cake making tests I have reached test no. 2.

This time:

A 16cm diameter cake, appr. 8 cm high.

The cake layers is another recipe with a lot more flour, as I wanted the cake parts to be a bit more heavy. The previous ones were wonderful, but far too light – you could easily eat 2 or more pieces in a row!

This cake is filled with mango bavarois again, this time with a lot more mango. And more pieces, the previous one was more juicy. And there is a layer of raspberry bavarois too, this time with raspberry concentrate instead of the ready made powder. And with a bit more whipped cream.

Apart from that, the same products are used as in the first cake – that was just soo easy! This time I have just used a bit less of the powders, to test how much of it is really necessary..

The result:

It turned out it wasn’t such a good idea with the mango, the raspberry concentrate and a change in the amount of semi-liquid vs powder stuff. The cake kinda collapsed when I was decorating it, which wasn’t really intended! I tried to save it with a fondant ribbon at the bottom, and I think it helped – but it still didn’t really look perfect. The mango stuff tasted weird (not of mango at all) and the mango pieces had become threadey and not really tasty. AND, the cake pieces were not really good.. So, I’ll probably go back to last week’s methods.

I even fucked up the decorating by trying to make a free hand pattern in royal icing. I could just barely save it by making small tips of icing instead. So, now I know what NOT to do.. ;o)

Some pictures of the finished cake:

(click on the picture to view it in full size – and use your arrow keys to navigate between the different pictures)