Wedding cake third try

This is going to be a very long post, with very very many pictures!

I have made wedding cake test no. 3.

This cake contains:

  • 2 layers of light cake, as the first one I made
  • 1 layer of chocolate cake
  • 1 layer of white chocolate mousse, made from neutral fromage powder and white chocolate
  • 1 layer of raspberry mousse, made from ready-made raspberry fromage powder
  • chocolate buttercream, made of butter (!), melted dark chocolate, some confectioner’s sugar and some vanilla essence
  • fondant, of course.

For picture watching as a gallery, just click one and use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate to the next/previous pic :o)

Picture lot 1, the cake in the making:

Cake preparation: the first layer, and melted white chocolate for the chocolate mousseCake preparation: ingredients for mousseCake preparation: the chocolate mousse layerCake preparation: the raspberry mousse layer on the chocolate cake layerCake preparation: in the fridge to get firmCake preparation: the cake without the cake ringCake preparation: 8cm in heightCake preparation: covered with chocolate buttercreamCake preparation: rolling out the fondantCake preparation: diameter + 2 times height = at least 38cm diameter of fondantCake preparation: the 'ghost cake'Cake preparation: covered with fondantCake preparation: perfect covered cakeCake preparation: the beginning of the decorationsMaking decorations: making a roseMaking decorations: making a rosetwinkling stars (with a bit of highlight dust)

Picture lot 2, the transport:
I searched some time before I found the perfect way to transport the cake. It turned out that the cases we had from Årstiderne were perfect – my cake board is 26cm, and the case has a width of 29cm!
To my surprise, the cake survived a bumpy (but still very careful) bike ride without any major injuries – only a little dent (which probably originated when I decided to place some flowers on top of the cake in the case – not a good idea!).

Transporting the cake: in the caseOn the bike

Picture lot 3, the finished cake, ready to eat:

O yeah, by the way: The weight of this cake was 2064g, before the final top decoration (that is, roses and leaves) was put in place.