Welcome to the Knitter’s Kitchen shop!

I opened up a shop!

I’ve been dyeing yarns and fibers for a while, finding it so much fun that I wanted to do some more of it. With the stash I already have, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to use it all, and incorporating it into my own stash would make it even more huge..

So, I opened an Etsy shop! It’s called “Knitter’s Kitchen”, and there is a home page as well as the shop itself.

Some of the goodies I’m offering at the moment:

Bounty Island Ocean on Sock (75% wool, 25% nylon)

Poppies on Sock (75% wool, 25% nylon)

Granite on Merino SW Fingering (100% Superwash Merino)


I know the world doesn’t need another indie dyer Etsy shop. And I don’t have great ambitions – it’s still my hobby, after all! But I do look forward to share my hobby with anyone who wants to :)

Also, if you have any particular wishes, let me know – and I can see what I can do! I can dye yarn, fiber, spin yarn, make stitch markers and sew.