Why I now appreciate math

Remember that time when you hated math and grown ups kept saying that you’d need it some time in the future? As so many others, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t really hate math (actually I liked it quite much, when it behaved!), but if it didn’t work out for me, I could get a bit angry.

I guess I’m grown up now, because the sentence “you will need it some day” is now something I’m telling kids myself. And yes, I am really sure. I have had a need for math several times during the past ~15 years! First, only to figure out how big my room was, so I knew whether I could move my furniture around in a certain way (I did that a lot), or to re-calculate amounts of ingredients for a cake. Lately, I’m using it for more advanced things… One of which being the knitwear designing I’m indulging in once in a while.


I got one of those right now – a summer top, which can also be a sweater for cooler weather (once I re-write it to add sleeves as well), which seemed quite simple to knit. Once I had to start the math, I suddenly wasn’t so sure about the simplicity – I’ll be working on this for a while!


I still hate math periodically, because it doesn’t always work out. But when the numbers turn out okay, and my double checking (or triple checking) of that row of numbers turns out to be the same every time, I’m happy. And I feel proud, and I’m glad I actually paid attention in math class!