Wollmeise frenzy

If you’re a knitter, are on Ravelry and want some excitement, you should check in to the Wollmeiseholics Anonymous group on Ravelry (sorry, link for Rav users only) on Fridays at about 8 and 17 (Central European Time), and just watch the current Chat thread – preferably while pressing F5 on the Wollmeise Yarn Shop home page. It’s hilarious.

Wollmeise is a yarn brand that is extremely popular. I must admit it is really yummie yarn, with a high twist, fantastic colors and a delicious smell. There is one dyer, Claudia, so there is a limited amount of yarn available. The online shop is the only place to buy the yarn, so when there are shop updates there is a sudden frenzy on Ravelry and on the site. The shop is updated every Friday, twice; In the morning at about 8 there are different colors available by the skein, in the afternoon about 17 there are We’re Different grab bags available. These last ones are bags with either 2 or 5 skeins in them (small or large grab bags), and they are sorted in color families and Gemischt (mixed; colors that do suit each other) and Kunterbunt (color mix; you never know what you get!) categories. The WD bags are probably the yarns that don’t sell well as single skeins, and except for the categories mentioned you never know exactly what you’ll get!

But back to the shop update. When the shop is updated, it is with a very limited amount of yarns. So, anyone who wants some yarn will have to be quick, as the demand is huge! People are sitting at their computer, pressing F5 to update the page, and when the page goes grey with a “sorry, we’re temporarily offline” sign everyone gets very very excited and starts updating the page even more often. As soon as the site becomes available again, people go crazy! You have to be quick; grab whatever you can reach and rush on to the check out, hoping that you won’t get “cart jacked”. You won’t have time to look up what colorways are which, you just have to be very quick.

Analogy, which made me laugh out loud:
Imagine you’re standing outside a closed store. You can see people walking around in there, putting some stuff on the shelves, but there only is very little. Suddenly the doors open, and everyone outside storms in, grabs whatever they can reach and put it in their shopping basket, only to rush to the check out counter. While you are rushing, you have the risk of someone grabbing what you have in your basket and putting it back on the shelves! You have to be quick, and you can’t just keep the items you want close to your body; you have to put them in the basket. As soon as you get to the cashier you are safe.

The funny thing is, that as soon as you want some of the yarn yourself, you will be very excited as soon as you see the grey screen. Your heart starts pounding, adrenalin starts rushing through your body. And if you get some yarn, you are ecstatic and triumphant. If you read the chat thread in the Ravelry group I mentioned before, you can see that people don’t even mind the amount of money they spend. Yes, phrases like “oh oh, hubby is not gonna like this” and the like turn up frequently immediately after an update, that makes it even more fun to watch. One of the reasons why people don’t mind whatever they get must be that you can be sure to get use of it or get rid of it somehow; the swap and ISO (In Search Of)/destash threads are always busy. Wollmeise being so popular, makes knitters curious, and everyone wants to own just one skein.

After reading this long post, you deserve a picture. Wollmeise in reds and yellow-oranges: