Wollmeise package surprise

On a day when you’re at home being sick, there’s nothing nicer than the postman knocking on the door with a package!

It turned out to be my Wollmeise order from 2 weeks ago;

It was wrapped like a gift. A gift indeed!

All of the 80/20 Twin kind, of which I have some already. In the colorways (from left to right) Ruby Thursday, Vamp (x2) and Petersilie. Yummie yummie colors!

And, a pattern for gloves, some very German Goldbären and a Rohrspatz & Wollmeise card Рwhich actually is a sticker. As a true fan I must find an appropriate place for that one ;o)

So, now my Wollmeise stash is looking like this:

I am reconsidering the Paperdoll-sweater I started some time ago. I don’t really like how the Arwetta turns out together with the Wollmeise, so perhaps I should start from scratch with only Wollmeise?