I have been talking about buying a loom for some time now – each time I went to the States, I was thinking that now would be the time, as they are much cheaper there, but every time I changed my mind (thinking: “I don’t really need a loom, do I?”).

For my birthday, one of my dear friends gave me a bit of money towards a loom, and the promise to make sure it made it home to me. No excuse not to order it, right?
And during the past week, it came!

A Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle loom, 15″ in width. It’s big enough to make something usable, but not too big for my tiny apartment.


Now I’m a weaver :D

I can’t stop thinking of projects to do. Weaving is fun, yarn behaves differently, and it is another way of creating patterns with variegated and hand dyed yarns.

I mean – you have this yarn, which perhaps is a bit too busy by itself:

You play around with it a bit, cutting it in specific lengths, and end up warping the loom like this:



Which, when woven (with the same yarn) turns out like this:


Colors changing slightly, yet still a happy confetti-like patterning. I love it!

I’ve woven some other things during the past days, small pieces which I hope to use for something sewn, as they aren’t really usable on their own.


My first try – a bamboo/merino yarn, warp and weft the same yarn!



The second project – handspun Cheviot wool from Northbound Knitting. I learned a lesson here: the wool was a bit too coarse and hairy to be used as warp, and thus got very tangled along the way (which was why I had to cut it shorter than intended). I got some yarn left – that can be spun with another warp!


My third weaving project – using the clasped weaving technique. I was inspired by some projects I found on Ravelry, and I wanted to make this too! There’s not much of it, but darn it’s yummy stuff, using alpaca/silk mixes… This is not the last time I’ve woven something this way!